Ever wonder where the term “Silver Bullet” came from?  In today’s world it is commonly defined as an action which cuts through the complexity and provides an immediate solution to a problem.. A “failsafe solution” to a problem.  The allusion is to a miraculous fix that is otherwise portrayed as waving a magic wand.  This derives from the use of actual silver bullets and the widespread folk belief in earlier times that they were the only way of killing Werewolves and other supernatural beings.  This belief even goes back to ancient times and the belief of the magical power of silver.  In Orace’s “ODES”, the Delphic Oracle advised Philip of Macedonia to “fight with silver spears”.  So I guess the logical question is to see  if there is a “Silver Bullet” when it comes to Long Term Care Planning.

When I think about what that “Silver Bullet” would need to be, I can come…

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About #nofeeslender

Having invested more than a decade of solid experience in the Real Estate Mortgage Industry (in Retail Banking, Retail Brokerage and Wholesale Banking Lending) along with countless years of cutting-edge, high-technology real estate computer system knowledge, I gratuitously provide my Valued Clients--both "Property Virgins" and Long-Term "Real Estate Gurus"--with informative, analytical, technological, resourceful and expert advice that help them make the best informed decisions for their own unique situations to reach their mortgage planning goals. Specialties:"I specialize in helping individuals like you and family like yours find, qualify for and own a home of their dream with little or no money down, even with less than perfect credit!"
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