No wife ever wants to hear that something is wrong with her husband. The thought of having to raise my daughter by myself is beyond unsettling; it is just unfathomable. Yet, just this week I experienced first hand that dreaded experience of having my husband experience a medical emergency. Wubs and I are both young, 27 and 24, having met and married at what today’s society would call a young age. I guess when you find the right person, age really is just a number. But, Wubs is not exactly healthy. He enjoys a good bacon cheeseburger (and had one on our first three dates, which were three days in a row) and is addicted to Mountain Dew. I blew a gasket when I found out he used to consume ho ho doughnuts and two Faygo red pops for breakfast.

Despite being 6’3″, Wubs has a humongous jelly belly and…

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Having invested more than a decade of solid experience in the Real Estate Mortgage Industry (in Retail Banking, Retail Brokerage and Wholesale Banking Lending) along with countless years of cutting-edge, high-technology real estate computer system knowledge, I gratuitously provide my Valued Clients--both "Property Virgins" and Long-Term "Real Estate Gurus"--with informative, analytical, technological, resourceful and expert advice that help them make the best informed decisions for their own unique situations to reach their mortgage planning goals. Specialties:"I specialize in helping individuals like you and family like yours find, qualify for and own a home of their dream with little or no money down, even with less than perfect credit!"
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