Love and marriage go together, as you’ve probably heard. But what about life insurance? Isn’t that part of the picture, too, when two people love each other “till death do us part”? Maybe not always. You buy life insurance to lessen the financial blow to those you love in case you die, so it might seem reasonable to expect that policies would be most popular where people are most likely to proclaim their everlasting love by saying “I do.” But Bankrate found that when you compare the latest insurance industry statistics with U.S. Census data on marriage, it turns out that the top states for tying the knot are not the top states for life insurance.

States such as Utah, with the highest percentages of married people, appear to have some coverage catching up to do with states such as Alabama, where life insurance is far more common. Valentine’s Day…

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Having invested more than a decade of solid experience in the Real Estate Mortgage Industry (in Retail Banking, Retail Brokerage and Wholesale Banking Lending) along with countless years of cutting-edge, high-technology real estate computer system knowledge, I gratuitously provide my Valued Clients--both "Property Virgins" and Long-Term "Real Estate Gurus"--with informative, analytical, technological, resourceful and expert advice that help them make the best informed decisions for their own unique situations to reach their mortgage planning goals. Specialties:"I specialize in helping individuals like you and family like yours find, qualify for and own a home of their dream with little or no money down, even with less than perfect credit!"
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